Podcast GenoJaws

Podcast GenoJaws brings you interviews with some of the leading scientists working in shark research, conservation and management.

Interview A/Professor Jennifer Ovenden

In this episode, Podcast GenoJaws interviews A/Prof Jennifer Ovenden from the Molecular Fisheries Laboratory (Univeristy of Queensland), about the many uses of genetic, genetics and a newer edition, ancient or historical DNA, to inform fisheries management.

Interview Dr. Paul Butcher

In this episode, Podcast GenoJaws interviews Dr. Paul Butcher, a leading white shark research scientist and manager, about the importance of understanding the effects of catch-and-release on different species of sharks, and the NSW Governments Shark management strategy.

Interview Professor Einar Nielsen

In this episode of Podcast GenoJaws, Professor Einar Eg Nielsen of DTUAqua talks to us about the role of genomics in policy and legislation, used to ensure the sustainable harvest of fisheries.

Interview Dr Christine Dudgeon

Dr Christine Dudgeon joins Podcast GenoJaws to talk about how the many areas of shark science including genetics, bioenergetics, telemetry, ecology and biology, come together to provide a bigger picture understanding of sharks.

This podcast is produced by Danielle Davenport and edited by Dan Sugars Audio. This podcast was made as a submission for the Global Change Scholars Program, an initiative designed to produce future research leaders run by the University of Queensland.